Swing dance at our Reception

Swing dance at our Reception
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Sunday, October 07, 2007

On Soul Life (the cassettes)

Since I, again, have a working cassette player in my van, I am re-listening to "Soul Life" by Thomas Moore. It's called
"An audio session as spiritual retreat. In six contemplative audio sessions, Moore helps the listener focus on the depth, mystery and intricacy of the life of the soul." From AudioFile.

The six cassette titles are:
1) Introduction to Soul Life
2) Soul and the Family
3) Work and the Soul
4) Art and the Soul
5) Soul and Place
6) Religion and Soul

This set is not just an audio version of Care of the Soul. It is, in fact, Thomas talking directly to the listener in a very conversational style. In case you want to try to borrow them from a library or purchase them online, here are the ISBN numbers:
Oct 1993 1-56455-248-9 and
Jul 1997 1-56455-567-0

I have borrowed the unabridged audiobook (on CD) of Care of the Soul (Narrated by Nelson Runger) from the library and I prefer the Soul Life cassettes over the audiobook. Even if Thomas, himself, would read his book, I would imagine it would be without soul. (Some of his cassettes are of him reading his material and I don't prefer them either).

I don't know that he says anything different than his writings and tapes since, but it's great returning to them, again and again to recapture the freshness of the ideas.