Swing dance at our Reception

Swing dance at our Reception
Dancing to Come on Come on: by Mary-Chapin Carpenter:

Monday, February 14, 2011

St. Valentine's Day - Reminder to have an Erotic Life?

I've been aware that we should approach all of life as an Erotic Activity. But, everywhere I looked for a poetic description of that kind of life, it seemed to always focus on sex. Yesterday, while exploring a new book by Wayne Muller, "A Life of Being, Having, and Doing Enough." Here, on page 42, Muller says,

"... Vital relationships are, by nature, erotic. They are sensual, in that they are informed by all our senses, our openness to see, taste, touch, smell everything with a willingness to be taken, to be surprised, swept off our feet. We participate in an erotic relationship whenever we engage the world with full sensual awareness - for example, whenever we bite into an apple. By itself, an apple has no taste, no piquant flavor of late summer. Our mouth, lips, and tongue, our taste buds by themselves have no taste of apple. The magnificent flavor of a crisp apple freshly picked by hand comes alive the instant the apple enter our mouth. One small bite, and a sudden eruption of juices, tongue, saliva, taste buds, and apple flesh create the necessary erotic intercourse that sets free the awesome taste, the flavorful wonder of apple."

I urge you to read the excerpt available on Amazon Here:

In addition, I found his observations about how difficult it is nowadays, to feel like we have enough, so very powerful.

"We have forgotten what enough feels like.

... we feel powerless; no matter how strong our hearts, or how good or kind our intentions, each day the finish line seems farther away, the bar keeps rising, nothing is ever finished, nothing ever good enough."

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Mo Anamcara - "my soul friend"

I posted this next paragraph as my Facebook status, and I considered it important enough to post it here, as my first post of the New Year of 2011.

Often, I feel invisible and unheard, by the rest of the world. I'm coming to realize I've had the remedy, very near. When I turn to my wife, say what is on my mind, I feel heard, and understood. She may not agree with me, but she understands. I truly have Mo Anamcara, "my soul friend". Although all Six of These Characteristics are her's, this sentence is truly Her -"They 'do' life as love in action, which comes through the flow of their essential self." ♥ ♥ you Donna.